Gale Farley - Guitar, Vocals

  Gale was raised by a music teacher (his Mom) and forced to take lessons on trumpet and French horn and piano. All through Junior High and High School Gale played in the Jazz Band, Band, Choir and Jazz Choirs. Although he started playing the guitar at age 9, he continued to play band instruments throughout college until he realized that people get paid money to play guitar. Gale even got to play and sing in the Reno Jazz Festival in 1983. Gale started college to be a music teacher, but after a couple of years of theory, he realized he would get burnt out on music so Gale switched to Engineering and then started playing guitar for fun and extra money to get him through college.

Through the years Gale has played in several Rock, Jazz and Country bands in Oregon and California including Mad Dogs and No Englishmen and currently also plays with Jonny Dark and The Wondertones and has continued to play in several folk music settings playing original music and participates in the contemporary St Mary's Church choir. Gale has been with Fate 55 since the beginning and enjoys immensely the friendships in the band.

Rock on dudes!






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